Making the Economic Case for Cycling

Cycling has significant economic benefits—for individuals, cities, and society—and functions as a low-cost, high-yield, scalable solution to climate and equity issues. Investments in cycling infrastructure also create jobs and opportunities to expand existing industries or develop new ones.

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Protected Bicycle Lanes Protect the Climate

Using survey data from Bogotá, Colombia and Guangzhou, China, this report finds that networks of protected bicycle lanes in middle-income cities reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower transport costs, and prevent premature fatalities in a highly cost-effective way.

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The Grow Cycling Toolkit

The Grow Cycling Toolkit helps cities think through barriers that prevent people from cycling, and provides a tailored action plan to quickly grow and improve cycling. The toolkit also includes metrics for tracking progress over time and key resources on design and implementation best practices.

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Cycling Cities Video Playlist

View past webinars and other videos from the Cycling Cities campaign.

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