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A global coalition of cities, NGOs, civil society organizations, and private sector partners, ITDP’s Cycling Cities campaign calls for: 25 million more people near safe cycle lanes by 2025.

To achieve this goal, we urge cities to:

Cycling is a tool for healthy, climate-friendly cities

The need for social distancing and changes to commuting and overall travel patterns as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic have caused cities to reshape, rethink, and renew their public spaces, streets, and public transit systems to focus more on people. The pandemic revealed inequities that have been present for decades. Shelter at home orders opened many peoples’ eyes to how few essential destinations—grocery stores or markets, hospitals, play spaces—they could actually reach by foot. Cycling effectively filled those gaps, and many cities quickly implemented temporary cycle lanes to support growing demand.

Momentum is growing

Cities around the world are on their way to becoming Cycling Cities by demonstrating how providing safe spaces to cycle generates more trips by bicycle. A Cycling City is one where everyone feels safe to cycle anywhere. That means cycling infrastructure is connected and safe. But it also means that supportive policies, like low speed limits and dedicated resources, are in place. In Cycling Cities, people choose to cycle because it is the most convenient option for most trips.

The benefits are clear

More people cycling means cleaner air; healthier communities; quieter streets; less traffic; more green space; and, above all, more freedom and connections to access people and destinations.

As a signatory to the Cycling Cities campaign,

supports cycling as a critical public health, access, and climate solution, and stands with the coalition working to increase access for 25 million more people to safe and connected cycle lanes in their cities by 2025.

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